Latest ClickFunnels Pricing Deals

Last Updated August,26 2018

ClickFunnels Latest Pricing Deals.. How to save over 1000$ on ClickFunnels

clickfunnels Pricing details?

There are two packages you can get with Clickfunnels: the Standard package which costs $97 per month, and the Etison Suite package which costs $297 per month

Clickfunnels offers an even better deal than these!

There is a webinar offered by Russell Brunson, the CEO and founder of Clickfunnels, which plays every hour every day. The best part about it is it is FREE!

This is a free to attend Clickfunnels masterclass which is in demand right now. 

Attending this class you can find how to get Clickfunnels for 6 months free of charge; it is worth up to $3600; so why aren't you still using it!?


Within the free Clickfunnels webinar, Russell offers the Clickfunnels basic package for FREE for 12 months and the Etison Suite Package FREE for 6 months. If you buy more up front, you will get ample discounts over the course of a year. 

While you are attending the masterclass you can buy the Etison Suite package for $1997 or $997 instead of $3600 if you are following through with the Etison monthly plan. 

And that saves you $1603 on average, if you do the math right! Pretty cool right?

what exactly is clickfunnels and what are the pricing options?


Clickfunnels was founded by Russell Brunson several years ago. Currently tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, service providers, authors,  business owners and e-commerce companies are using Clickfunnels to build sales and marketing funnels. 

Brunson has also created a lot of books that can help you understand marketing funnels and learn competitive marketing tactics such as Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets. All of them are worth reading for sure. 

Clickfunnels has proven itself as the easiest and fastest way to build marketing funnels nowadays without any hassle. Clickfunnels has gained more than 10000 users over the span of 4 years and is currently at the top of the ladder when it comes to online marketing. If you are looking for a robust funnel building tool which is also easy to use, look no further than Clickfunnels. It is also where you would find marketing strategies of the highest conversion rates today. 

Russell offers an excellent masterclass for all internet marketers  on what marketing funnels are, what type of funnel building software is best for you and also how to get the best deals from Cickfunnels and save a lot. 

So go ahead and attend this completely FREE webinar offered by Russell on Clickfunnels Pricing. 

Should you invest money on clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is there to make your business more profitable, efficient and cutting edge. You will be expending less effort and time to run your business using Clickfunnels. Time is a valuable resource which you can use not only for money making enterprises, but also for yourself and your family. It is not all about work, so it is vital that you use some time for other parts of your life. 


Also, do not expect overnight success from using Clickfunnels; do not expect to be a millionaire in mere weeks. Clickfunnels is not a magic tool. However, it is the best funnel building software you can find out there. Not only the software but the marketing funnel training is a real game changer. 

 clickfunnels vs leadpages and other tools out there

When you decide to scale your online business, you will realize you need to use a lot of software tools. For instance, 

Opt in Provider

You can call it a landing page, opt in page or squeeze page (they all mean the same thing) - its function is to collect email addresses of potential buyers for your product/service. What you are looking for is to convert people who visit your page to buyers. This tool is provided by Clickfunnels, Leadpages and other software on the market. 

The Clickfunnels Etison Suite can be used for this function; it allows you to build multi-step funnels, which is a feature missing from other software tools such as Leadpages.  The Etison Suite also allows you to build membership stores, take payments and much more - read on to learn more. 

Email Autoresponder

After you collect the email addresses of potential buyers from the opt-in page, you need to keep track of them and also communicate with them via email. An Email Autoresponder allows you to automatically communicate with your leads (the computer does the talking for you). 

For instance, when someone joins your list they will receive an email immediately, and they will receive follow up emails in the future. The best thing about the Email Autoresponder is you have to build the email sequence just once. 

The good thing is Clickfunnels integrates with all major email software out there including MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, AWeber and more.   

If  you get the Etison Suite which comes with Actionetics and Backpack, you do not even need an external email software because it comes integrated with the package! 

Affiliate Tracking System

The Clickfunnels Etison Suite also includes an affiliate system. You may not have used affiliates for your business so far, but it is something you could do down the road.  

Affiliates is all about referring a list of potential buyers to someone else's business (for a commission of course).

The Actionetics and Backpack modules of the Etison Suite allows you to build your entire affiliate program and let's you manage it easily. Once again, this spares you from getting a third-party software for this function.  

Membership/ Course Portals

You may already have a membership site or you may be looking to start one. The cool thing is you can use the Etison Suite to build a complete membership area fully integrated with Actionetics and Backpack. In this way the Etison Suite can be used to completely control course sales, retention, onboarding and affiliate programs. 

What about Payments?

Getting paid is the most interesting part (and the ultimate goal) of most businesses. You will be pleased to know that Etison Suite integrates with all major payment processors out there such as Stripe, Recurly, NMI, etc.  

Clickfunnels Etison Suite Summary

 As you have seen, the Etison Suite eliminates the need for many other third-party software you may use to scale up your business. With the Actionetics and Backpack modules, you get an all in one software from Etison Suite with the following functions:

  • Opt-in page/ landing page
  • Multistep funnel builder
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Split Testing
  • Affiliate Management Tool
  • Course Sites/Membership Portals
  • Full Support

Many businesses spend a lot of time and money on various software tools for various functions, only to find out that they are not working out for them before moving on to the next tool. This is called Essentialism. Do not make the same mistake.

Get Clickfunnels Etison Suite and keep all your technology in one place. This all in one software will take care of all your business needs.

To learn more about the Etison Suite and how you can utilize it, feel free to attend the Webinar hosted by Russell Brunson, the guy behind it all. The webinar is FREE!

The following chart shows how the Etison Suite compares to the Basic Package of Clickfunnels and also other software tools. 

 save big on clickfunnels pricing through this deal

Once again I'll make it clear the Clickfunnels pricing. The Basic package costs $97 per month. The Etison Suite package (including Actionetics and Backpack) costs $297 per month. Neither of these plans come with any long term contracts you should worry about. 

I will provide a brief summary of the Clickfunnels Pricing webinar mentioned numerous times in this page. It is recommended that you attend the webinar. Anyway, I will provide a short and useful summary of the webinar where I cut to the chase. The special deal that is revealed in the webinar is,

Just pay $977 upfront and you get:

  • Etison Suite FREE for 6 months
  • ClickFunnels Basic Package for 6 months

I'll also do the maths on how much you save.

Etison Suite for 6 months costs $297 x 6 = $1782.

The Basic Package for 6 months costs $97 x 6 = $582. In total it would cost $2364. 

Now you can get both for $997. So you actually save $2364 - $997 = $1367. That is well over a grand! Don't miss out on this great offer. 

 Another great offer on etison suite: BUY 1 year upfront

From my experience, when people get the Etison Suite, they usually keep it going. This is because it is such a convenient all in one tool encompassing Opt-in page, Funnel Builder, Email Autoresponder, Membership portals, Affiliate Management and Support. If you also wish it keep it going for long you definitely need to hear this offer out. 

We talked about the $997 offer where you get 6 months of Etison Suite free. The offer I want to talk about now is the $1997 offer, where you get Etison Suite free for an extended period of 1 year. 

So what is great about this offer? I'll do the math for this as well. 

12 months of Etison Suite costs 12 x $297 = $3564. Just to make things clear, you will get the Clickfunnels Basic Package, Etison Suite, Actionetics and Backpack for 12 months. 

So the saving on Etison Suite is $3564 - $1997 = $1567. You'll notice that this is more than the saving for the 6 months Etison Suite offer. 

Let's look at it from another angle as well. Imagine that you first buy the 6 months offer for $977, then afterwards you decide to extend the Etison Suite (which is quite likely to happen). You have to pay the monthly cost of $297 for 6 more months, which amounts to $297 x 6 =  $1782. So the total cost is,

 = 6 months Upfront Buy + 6 months of $297/mo

 = $997 + $1782

 = $2779

If instead you opt for the $1997 deal, you would save $782. So be wise; why go for the 6 months deal when you can go for the 1 year deal and save much. 

If you want to get a complete understanding of these offers why not see the webinar which talks about it in detail? 

Further Details on Actionetics

So why should you get ClickFunnels Actionetics? Well, with it you can,

  • Do email broadcasting 
  • Import your entire existing email list into it
  • Gain advanced email autoresponder functions
  • Segment your list
  • Score leads
  • Gain Text message autoresponder capabilites
  • Store unique social profile of contacts

So all in all, Etison Suite doesn't function only as a funnel builder but also as complete CRM, be it for building web pages, editing email, creating marketing auomation sequences or building subscriber list. 

Further Details on Backpack

If you are an internet marketer, you will probably know that affiliate marketing is really popular in the online arena. Even if you do not run an affiliate program for your business, it is something you might consider in the future. 

Simply put, affiliate promotion is where you allow other marketers like yourselves to get potential buyers for your business and send the traffic to you. Why should they do it? For the percentage of commission they get from the sell you make from their traffic. And what do you gain? Sales! Although you will have to pay a cut for your affiliate. If you look at pragmatically, it is a win-win situation. In fact, you'll find it is more efficient than paid advertising and other types of marketing ventures. 

The Etison Suite Backpack module allows you to do the entire affiliate promotion. Using this module you can create incentives for your affiliates. Using the dashboard you and your affiliates can track sales and can do things such as multiple tier commissions. 

With Backpack you can track the following,

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Pay by CPA
  • Pay by Percentage

There are some cool features such as unlimited number of affiliates and full customization of the affiliate area. 

Free Trial Summary

By now you must have formed an idea on whether Clickfunnels is suitable for you or not. You can find it out in a more practical way. In case you have missed it, Clickfunnels offers the Basic Package as well as the Etison Suite Package FREE for 14 days. 

how you can earn money promoting clickfunnels

It is true that you can earn money by using Clickfunnels to increase sales for your business. But that is not the only way you can earn with Clickfunnels. Why not join the Clickfunnels Affiliate program and get yet another mode of income?

The following are some of the best features of the Clickfunnel Affiliate program.

Recurring Commissions

You get recurring commission monthly. You can do your promotions and enjoy the fruits of your labor as you watch the affiliate earnings pile up each month.  You can also earn commission from the one-time product sales from Clickfunnels.  

All the Work is Done by ClickFunnels

As a ClickFunnel affiliate, all you have to do is refer people to Clickfunnels. One of the best marketers you can find today, Russell Brunson, will take care of converting visitors to customers, whether they do it through the free trial or any other means. In other words you do not have to sweat over conversion. 

Dream Car Program

There is another jackpot waiting for Clickfunnel Affiliates. Clickfunnels will pay you $500 per month for your dream car once you get them over 100 customers. This will be increased to $1000 per month when you reach the 200 customer mark. Getting your dream car seems possible with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program. 

how to get the 14 day free trial from clickfunnels

This is not the hard part at all - if there is a will there is a way! Simply visit this link to get started on your free trial. 

You can either try the Basic $97 per month package, or the Etison Suite $297 per month package, free for 14 days. 

FREE Clickfunnels Pricing Webinar

Alternatively, you can check out the free Webinar which will let you understand how much Clickfunnels will cost for you. You will also find some amazing deals within the webinar. 

what you can do now

You can read as much as you want but getting results is all about getting down to some action. So right now, there are two things you can do to start seeing some action,

One: Attend the totally FREE Clickfunnels masterclass which talks extensively about Clickfunnels Pricing

Two: Start the Clickfunnels FREE trial, so that you can "test drive" the tool for yourself. I mean there is no better way to see how much it can help your business. There is no risk at all from this 14 day free trial - no strings attached