ClickFunnels Pricing Guide 2019

ClickFunnels Latest Pricing, Alternatives to ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels Vs Others

I  will show you everything you need to know about
ClickFunnels Pricing. Different Pricing Plans Available..
What Plans Suits for you...

Or even Is ClickFunnels the right tool for you… 

And.. at the end, I will teach you how to get ClickFunnels Pay You for using ClickFunnels


Right now, ClickFunnels Offers two pricing plans.

The basic account or the starter pack and Etison Suite - the full option
with lot of extra features and benefits.

Not everyone need the Etison Suite, I will clearly guide you based on my working experience with many landing page tools in the market like Unbounce, LeadPages, InfusionSoft, Active Campaigns or with WordPress with many installed plugins.

The ClickFunnels Pricing Plan is based on couple of variables that are features within ClickFunnels. They are -
  1. 1
    Number of Funnels - If you are new to Funnels, think of it as a group of pages, one leading to the other with a defined goal. The purpose of a funnel is to move your visitors from one stage to other and ultimately get them complete the goal.
  2. 2
    Number of Pages - a page is a unique URL where your content is displayed.
  3. 3
    Number of Unique Visitors - this is the amount of unique hits that your pages get
  4. 4
    Custom Domain - This is how many domain name you want to host with ClickFunnels. Think of it just as how many unique websites you are planning to build
  5. 5
    Email Automation - If you like to send out automatic emails from your website based on certain action that a website visitor is taking. Example - Send an email when they download something & then send a follow up again after few days when you see them visiting your website or taking another action on your website.
Now, let us take a look at the two packages
and what do they offer -
Basic Account (Starter Pack)
The basic accounts of ClickFunnels cost $97 per month. With this pricing plan you can create twenty funnels, can have 100 pages and have 20,000 visitors per month. You can also have 3 custom domains - woho! That is pretty much what you wants if you are new to ClickFunnels.
Etison Suite (Pro Account)
The ClickFunnels pricing for this plan is $297 per month. With this ClickFunnels plan, you will have the ability to build 70 Funnels, 300 pages, 100,000 unique visitors and 20 custom domains.

Apart from this, Etison Suite plan comes with 2 add on power packs. One if called Actionetics - a full fledged email automation system & Backpack - a very powerful affiliate marketing system.

Select Your Plan


Every funnel & Page Type...


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Start Your Free 2 Week Trial Now
(Your Trial will start at the Full Featured $97/m plan, but don't worry you can Upgrade or Downgrade at anytime with
 1 simple click inside your members area)
Is ClickFunnel the right tool for me?
This is one question I asked myself many times and I can clearly guide you here.

Before we get in to this, let me tell you one thing. My goal here is to guide you to the right tool. If you find one of the plan is suitable for you, I am glad. If you find out that ClickFunnels is not my tool - I am glad too.

I won’t say ClickFunnels suits for all businesses and if anyone say that to you, please don’t listen to them, they just want to make some easy money by referring you to ClickFunnels.

Now, please allow me to help you identify if ClickFunnels is right tool for you…


You will be one of the 3 below type. Please identify yourself & follow me here..

You have an idea, but haven’t started on anything. You heard this idea of making money online, and wanted to try if you can make some bucks online using your great idea. You have no website yet, you don’t have any website development or design skills (if you have, that is very good too) 
You have a website (80% times, you have a WordPress Website) & want to generate more leads. Your website is not converting well and you think there is a lot of potential in your product or services. You know how to make changes to your current website or you are depending on a developer to make lot of changes for you. For you, time is very important and want to test and try new things faster. You want more sales & conversion and you have little time to waste.
You have a website, product and customer base. You want to take it to the highest level. You need a system that runs pretty much itself, so you can spend lot of time with your loved ones.
If you are 1 & 2 - you just need the
Basic Plan of ClickFunnels.

I would say you take a Free Trial for 14 days, and set a reminder to cancel the plan on the 12th Day (just adding 2 days in case for any reasons the cancellation takes time, usually the support team responds with a “no questions asked” cancellation in 24 hours)

Now, I have the obligation to justify what I said before.

Let me tell you why you need this.

Getting started to
ClickFunnels is very easy.
You don’t need a domain, you don’t need to setup and manage a hosting account. ClickFunnels host your website, and it is super fast. It is a 3 click easy set up process. ClickFunnels offers a guided tour on getting started. You will also get 1 domain Free with ClickFunnels Pricing Plans.
No Tech Skills Required
You don’t need any technical knowledge to build a beautiful website funnel. ClickFunnel provides an easy drag and drop interface where you can easily build your website. My 12 yr old cousin can easily build a funnel for me. It is that simple.
Free Sales Funnels
You get 7 Free Sales Funnels & numerous Free Website Templates within your ClickFunnels account. Whether it is lead generation or selling product online, you will get free fully functional sales funnels with your ClickFunnels account. You can easily customize these pages to make it work for you.
Learning & Development
ClickFunnels offer a lot of free learning resources in form of Webinars (I recommend you attending it, it is one of the most powerful marketing web class ever, done by the marketing guru Russell Brunson)
Great Community of Funnel Hackers
ClickFunnels facebook community is the most awesome marketing network I have ever been to. You will find lot of funnel hackers & specialists who is always available to offer help. Just ask any questions and you will find it very useful.
Integration with 3rd Party Softwares & Apps
Click funnel has got active one click integration with almost all softwares and apps including payment gateways. You can see below the integrations available for free. So if you are currently using WordPress, you can install a plugin to integrate ClickFunnels to your current website. It is very easy. You can pretty much do all of the above in your Free Trial period.
If you need any help, please drop me a line and I am more than happy to help you.

So - when do you need the full suite of $297?

You only need that when
You are maxed out of your pages, funnel numbers & custom domains.
You want to send out emails from ClickFunnels and pretty much automate everything within ClickFunnels.
If you want to sell your own products using an affiliate marketing system.
Email Automation System - Actionetics from ClickFunnels is very powerful.
But only upgrade your plan when you are ready to send out emails.

Create your email templates and plan your automation (when do you want to schedule email 1,2,3 etc - to go out to your customer) before you upgrade.


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